Ital aluminium Uganda Ltd. was established to fill Quality Aluminium void in Uganda. We deal in all Colours of Aluminium Profiles, and its accessories ( Locks, Handles, Fibre Glass, Mosquito Wire Nets, rubbers, corner joints etc, imported directly from Italy. All our Profiles are Corrosive Resistant and Anti - Oxidizing. We are the only company in Uganda with rolling mosquito net.

Our Vision
To render International Standards, Professional and High Quality Aluminium works to all our clients.

Our Mission
To always render Quality, and Professional Services to all our esteemed clients with durable Italian Aluminium Products.

Ital Aluminium (U) Ltd is a member of Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA). The company is also ISO 9002 Certified. Its also proud to be associated with major European Aluminium manufacturers in the world like; ALMER Zona Industriale 97100 Ragusa, Metra Internationale, ETNALL S.P.A Alluminio Estruso and MG Alluminio.

We provide finished products to all our Esteemed Clients.

ITAL ALUMINIUM (U) Ltd. products are used for Partition works, Ventilators, Curtain walls, Sliding Doors, and Windows, etc. We maintain best Quality Standards in the Manufacture, and Fabrication of Aluminium products - the "GREEN" Metal, for a greener tomorrow.

Apart from Sales of our finished Aluminium Products, we provide the following Special Services according to the varying clients requirements.

  • Consultation and advice before and during construction
  • Fitting of finished products to your site.
  • Transportation of windows & doors to the site.
  • After sales service, etc.

Ital Aluminium (U) Ltd. conducts both whole sales, and retail businesses of Italian Aluminium products and offers Special rates for different project i.e, residential, flats, multi-storeyed complexes, etc. The clients gets value for money.

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